Saturday, June 21, 2008

This is big

I have a distinct feeling that I am tumbling into this - albeit with my eyes open - but lets just say that I feel like it is happening for the very first time.

It is even more disconcertingly delicious to think that I would have had it pass me by, literally, if the first instinct to smile politely and say 'Thanks, but I'm not interested', was what I went with, but I would have missed out on the most amazingly delicious person on the planet - which is to say that I can always correct my incredible instincts sometimes.

I remember thinking: 'Someone that looks like that, sounds like that, has a smile like that, well, they probably walk around picking up gals left right and centre'. I am not in the mind frame of dating anyone at the moment, even though spring cleaning came and went. But after he asked me, politely so, whether he can call me sometime and we could do something fun, I thought why not, I mean if he is an arse, then at least I will find out soon enough, and might actually enjoy myself while doing it.

And when we did meet up, it was fun. I am still amazed at how great he is, how polite, how he does everything he says he will do. How much of a gentleman he is. How he will not even so much as put a hand on my person without asking first. And he is absolutely gorgeous - and he never tires of telling how absolutely gorgeous I am. The connection was instant - on both sides. ~The chemistry is great. I am even finding myself wondering how it would feel to *goes into gutter mode here* - but I am finding it very easy to just wait. I loove talking to him, all the time, I cannot get enough of his voice, how sexy it is, how sexy he is, how it is so easy to talk to him, how he uses the littlest excuse to pull me to him and kiss me - or hug me. I even had to ask him whether there is something 'wrong' with him, and he chuckled and said he is not perfect - well, if it is perfection I am after, he comes a close second.

Do I sound nauseating enough?
I am.

I did not know people like him existed - or maybe it is because I get rather bored with people that I date - because they were never the right people to begin with - so I find it easy to find an excuse to call it quits and move on - or away, or both. But this time, I feel that I am ready to put the work in, and learn and do stuff together. It is gonna be interesting. I am trying to keep this under wraps until I know more - but damn, its hard to hide the stupid grin I have on my face whenever I am thinking about him, and the bloody butterflies that have taken residence in my tummy - and make their presence known constantly. Or that feeling I have on the left side of my chest under my breast, I think it is called a heart, that keeps dancing crazily whenever the phone rings and I see his name.

It is not hard to fall, when you float like a bloody cannonball.

This is big.


In other less nauseating news, Football (and yes, if anyone else tell me: Oh you are watching soccer? I am going to cause Grevious bodily harm, even though I have to find someone else to do it for me)? is taking over my spare time. I am recruiting lots of people to watch it with me. Don't you love that all the usual suspects are being kicked out? Nice.

Speaking of Nice, the blasted Celtics won. It took me about the last two or so weeks to get into basketball, thanks in part to my crazy siblings, but within those two weeks, I was crazily camped at the TV every other day, shouting at it. D claims that I have turned into a sports nut, I totally agree. I am so happy for the guys that they won, and did anybody see the stupid way Kobe was gloating on the press conference the previous day. You deserved to lose, sucker. (See what I mean, I am even watching press conferences). Now, to buy a green and white jersey with, oh I don't know - Ray or KG - it is hard to choose. I am in love.

Time to go over and spend time with the gorgeous-est man on the planet.

AOB: Happy 6months birthday to the cutest littlest human being on the planet - Cutified. Oh how you have grown. And he can say 'Hai' when you say: Hai Baby. And laughs at you when you either speak to him in Kikuyu, or call him by his Kikuyu name. Oh, and he can talk on the phone too - only doesnt know when to talk, more like listen and then when the phone is taken away, he starts talking. Cute.

Did I mention that I am in Love - there goes my other reason.

Over and Out


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