Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Levelling off

Maybe its

Because my foot hurts no more
And I haven’t got to take pain medication
Or limp like Long John Silver on speed

Because I had a revelatory dream last night
And I know what I know, and it will not be pretty
Or that it ain’t my fault either way

Because I found a kindred spirit
And somehow I think it is a spirit for real
Or that, somehow, I am seeing the other side of I

Because I am spending a lot more time with Cutified
And finding out that He ain’t just 'a baby'
Or that I should be careful what I teach him

Because I am more illuminated about stuff
And I find I get there before others do
Or that, as it happens, others get there after I have

Because now I know that ‘weird’ is a state of mind
And it is only ‘understood’ by those of the same mindset
Or that, ‘we’ should ignore the ‘normal’ in normal people

But somehow

I woke up this morning
And I feel like the universe is alright with me


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