Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In His Kiss

He says I stare at him
With 'that look'
I do not ask what look that is
Because I know it
I am staring at his eyes
Because I have never seen eyes
That beautiful, that sexy
Slanted, clear, brown
How they half-close when he is explaining something
Or concentrating
Intense, and soft at the same time
Or when I will say something and he will turn and look at me sideways
And I can tell without looking that there is a half-smile on his face

That chuckle, that makes my knees weak
Both vulnerable and a little cocky - man, he knows he got it
And that laugh, that has me going 'What'?
Cos it is so mischievous, so sexy
Then I will say something, and he goes 'Oh, really?'
In that accent - Oh my
And then he turns his head and gives me a soft kiss
Just a little one
Then he looks at me again, with half closed eyes
Says: Wow, I love kissing you
Then cups my face - and proceeds to kiss me senseless
And I know, like Cher said: It is in his Kiss


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