Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Love (or lack thereof)

This really did make me smile - the things people do .. .well .. for love
Speaking of which, I have a stalker - ok not necessarily a stalker, but someone exhibiting stalkerish tendencies. How do people justify 'moving on' and then spend an inordinate amount of time proving otherwise? Especially when they find out that yes, you are not there for them as much as they would want you to. Claiming that they would want you to be happy, then finding out that, no, I really wouldn't want her to be happy if it involves so much as having another man touch her. You ain't got no choice, mate. You made your bed, go get some sleep.

As for the object of affection, well, he really is sweet. Seriously, I am beginning to worry myself - although he is reassuring me with his complete and utter devotion, and he does not hold back when it comes to telling me stuff. This is fun - exciting, but scary all at once. Now, if only he would take sometime out of running through my mind, or telling me stuff that makes my already tired brain fire in all directions. I need some sleep.



At Thursday, July 10, 2008 3:12:00 am, Blogger gishungwa said...

First step is in finding someone, tow things what if:-
a)you are found by the wrong people
b)you don't want to find someone

Happy for you that you found someone he sounds ubber cool. Enjoy and quit fretting remember, free falling.

Good to have you back {{G}}

At Tuesday, July 15, 2008 12:58:00 am, Blogger Guessaurus said...

Hi Gish,

I know what you mean - I was in the two scenarios for a while - especially the one where you are found by the wrong people, which you do not realise until it is not working, or your heart is not in it.

I am trying to quit fretting and enjoy him - and free fall into the abyss as it were,thank you.

hugs backatya :)


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