Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Oh, Baby

Sometimes I think I have something to write, then find out that what I had thought to write was not worth the paper (and/or screen) it is printed on. And not forgetting that Brother Outlaw gone done and kilt my laptop DED, well, things aren't looking too hot right now, and that is not in reference to the weather. I keep forgetting to log the shenanigans of one 'Cutified', who at 22 months has become a dashing young man with a mouth full of teeth and a vocabularly that rivals anyone else his age. Today I went over, and on knocking on the door, he came over, and through the glass door called out: Hi baby! LOL - dude, you are the baby!

But, when I am not happily getting up to all sorts, I read. And it is in my passion for reading that I got met by one very cool human. It was inadvertent on my part, seeing I was too busy rushing home to read my 50c copy of 'Smiley's People' (if you do not know about this book, then you do not need to know about it :) ) and this man sidles up to me outside the book store and asks something unintelligible to my almost always two steps ahead brain. My inward reaction was: 'Why do strangers always insist on picking me to accost?' - One person told me sometime back that I should not complain too much cos there will come a time when no one will look at me twice! Bring it on!

I turn and look at him and beg pardon, he chuckles (you should hear him chuckle) and he says something about noticing me inside and wanted to say hello. By now my interest is about a block away, and he starts making conversation, noticing he has already lost me he goes 'Sasa' - LOL I nearly fell over the curbside. My interest hastily crosses the street and decides to come have a second look. I raise my eyebrow (one) to high heaven (the Rock has nothing on me) and ask what made him think I was Kenyan. His answer: Only a Kenyan woman would look as beautiful as you do!

We chitchat a little - me giving him the Spanish inquisition - and find he is not your average garden variety raised on CNN and FOX American human. He did sound quite intelligent, charming, genuine with his answers with no airs or graces. Oh, and while we were looking, he was quite cute - dark hair, hazel eyes (the most beautiful hazel eyes you will ever see), nice 'I work out often' physique, and a nice smile. Oh and who can beat an admixture of Italian and Irish, eh?

We went on our first 'date' the following day - 'just to get to know each other' - cos I did insist that my life is complicated enough without adding any more humans into the mix - and he was like: This is not a date. Liar! Couple of glasses of Champagne and a great conversation later, we found out that we had so much in common it was incredulous. We even graduated in the same year with the same degree two continents apart - loved the same subjects, hated similar ones (although dude does code, ouch) among other things. Since then we literally became inseparable.

It is just weird though cos from the beginning it was like we had known each other for a long time, like great friends with great chemistry. There has never been an awkward silence or moment between us, and the worst part is we will be having a conversation and when something is at the tip of your tongue and you cant really get to it, then we leave it and then sometime later, even in the middle of the night, one of us will wake up and say it, and the other will be like: Yeah, that's it! - like the conversation was still going on.

He made me swim in the Ocean in the Summer (and I did get dunked, twice - not fair! - he laughed so hard that I had to beat him up while he was still trying to rescue my sorry dunked ass), made me crawl into (dark) caves even though he knows I am afraid of the dark (he says that if I live my life in fear, then I will never live at all - true), made me eat Lobster - ok, 'fed' me lobster - I don't care what anyone says, seeing those crustaceans in a display case is enough to make me go on a hunger strike - but they did taste good (shrug). Tried to get me to touch a snake (not gonna happen) - and a lot of other things that are either too trivial or not printable here for obvious reasons!

It is in the way he looks at me - with pride and admiration (he once told me when I was walking towards him that it is because he cannot believe that I am going to him), like today lunchtime I was running an errand and so was he, but we hadn't spoken for a few days and I am 'jaywalking' LOL, my trademark 'the world does not exist', when I happen to turn and there he was, stuck in traffic, looking at me with 'that look' and a huge grin on his face. Needless to say I had to go get my obligatory hug and kiss in the middle of traffic before going back to work: Bliss!

Or the way his signature greeting is: Hi Beautiful. LOL. I ain't vain but damn, I know he means it when he says it!
Or the fact that whenever he say 'hullo' in his Bostonian accent, a shiver runs through my body, however many hundreds of times he has said it to me!
Or how we fit together like we were molded for each other. Some people are born, others are made. I know what mold I come from.
Or how those hazel eyes flicker from whatever he is concentrating on to me and back before you can say: Eagle eyes! I will be looking at him while he is sleeping, and he can sense it, so he will open his eyes, give me a quick look, chuckle, and go right back to sleep.
Or when he gets me water: I know that sounds trivial but when someone gets up at night to get you a glass of water, or first thing in the morning before making you breakfast - that has got to mean something. Oh and while we are at it, I get told that G, when someone says 'breakfast in bed' they mean you need to stay in bed. LOL

He has changed my perspective on a lot of things that I never even thought about or thought were important. He definitely has restored my faith in the 'good man' perspective because whatever I do, however stubborn or sometimes selfish I become, whenever I am performing below par when it comes to our relationship or life in general, he never wavers in his love and support, even when he says he needs to take a few days off to sort his view, he still takes time to call and check on me.

Wherever this goes, it will go down as one of the relationships that shaped the rest of my life.

I Love You Baby
Thank You for making me strive to be a better person


At Wednesday, November 04, 2009 4:46:00 pm, Blogger Archer said...

Wow, seems like you found your diamond in the rough. I'm happy for you! Good things! Lakini umenitupa sana, drop me an email sometime. Address is archer.quest@gmail.com

At Friday, November 06, 2009 10:08:00 am, Anonymous KR said...

You do write very well. Nice post.

Good luck and be blessed. (and yes waking up at night to get someone a glass of water counts big :))

At Tuesday, November 10, 2009 1:56:00 pm, Anonymous Mrembo said...

I had smiles reading this.
Ain't love a beautiful thing.

Happy for you.

At Tuesday, November 17, 2009 7:59:00 pm, Blogger |d®| said...

Glad there are still some good people left over, and that you found one.


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