Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday '4 tooth'

Damn, a year is a short time - you woke up this morning and we had to fight between who had to drink the tea, which, by your declaration, was 'whi' hot. You had woken me up by calling out loud 'tata tata' until I gave up on trying to pretend that I was sleeping through the almighty racket. You have agreed to keep your shoes on, and have learnt to eat things in smaller bites (while not entirely chewing your little fingers off). You think every phone belongs to you, woe unto anyone who thinks that the call actually is for them. You are becoming naughtier by the minute, because you know you are adored adoringly - and that you can get away with 'a whole lot' if that 'boot camp'er' doesn't quarantine both your ass and the rest of humanity for a very long time.

I love you to bits Cutified, and cannot think of my world without you in it
The morning racket we make which wakes everyone
The quick goodnight kisses that makes 'Mrs D' go ballistic cos I woke you
The way you know I am in the room even when I tiptoe and hold my breath - and you jerk your head and give an almighty grin
The kisses - oh them sloppy, drooly, nibblely kisses
Your cutest little face, with its '4 tooth' and big brilliant smile
Are worth all what we have all gone through this year

Dance, baby, dance - oh and while we are at it, lose the chicken dance - it is embarrassing even if you are just One year old.

AOB: 1. Crap Def: 2008 - Good riddance, although there were riproariously funny moments - but they were few and far between.
2. In Decent Proposal(s) Def: Might denote a marriage proposal, and/or a nomadic existence exemplified by 'an offer you cannot refuse'. Might also ease the feeling that AOB:1, above, needs to be quantified.

Quote of the Year: (not verbatim, mind)..'People are too picky these days - Too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short ... - have a couple of drinks and quit discriminating - Ludacris - One more drink. That line literally has me falling over laughing when I hear it, makes my day - damn man, who you talking to?

Happy 'Whatever it is that the holidays denote for you, including a very 'Live your life' 2009' to all of you.

Nomadic and/or AWOL'd existence in resumption


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