Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here I stand

Like the first sighting of the moon over the horizon
Like the first taste of fresh, cold apple juice on a hot day
Like the look on Cutified when I am feeding him
Like holding your favourite author's book, unopened, crisp
Like looking in the mirror, when wearing your best shoes and attire, waiting to hear the world go: wow
Like the joyous sound of Mum when I say hello
Like when I make a surprise phone call to the speshul one, and I hear a chuckle
Like standing in the rain, exchanging little kisses not bothering about getting wet
Like getting into crisp clean sheets, just showered, naked
Like having someone wash your hair
Like the first time someone touches my skin and goes: wow, you are so soft
Like holding aforementioned book, knowing you are headed for a bed, with the rain thrashing the outside windows...


Thank You



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