Thursday, April 17, 2008

No More Miss Nice Girl

Oh, dear

It came to a head this morning. Boss Lady has been getting on my case this week …

Ok, that is not the beginning – the beginning is that I was on Cutified Detail over the weekend – and we got up to all sorts – mainly, he did, and I encouraged him, and we learnt how to pull my hair, or anything attached to my head, and chew on my phone, and grab and ‘talk’ on the phone to whomever happens to unfortunately call me… etc .

Fun was had by both small and .. .. not so small human.

Therein lay the problem

I did not get the Doctor’s recommended 100hrs sleep crammed into 2 days.

Not fun.

Now, I have three ‘side effects’ of lack of enough sleep:

1 night lack of sleep: Hyperactivity

2 nights lack of sleep: Patience Quotient negative 20 and below

3 or more nights’ lack of sleep: You might as well take a running jump down a very short plank

Which is where boss lady came in .. today!

…. and, she started calling me on and off, and kept interrupting what I was doing. Yes, I know there is something called ‘work’ and that it is something that we do, that somebody pays us in kind or cash to, and that we do not necessarily have to like it to do it.

That is not the issue here.

So I walk up to BL and I ask where the fire was, and she told me where it was (or wasn’t), and although I wasn’t pissed or angry but impatient with her, I told her that she should ‘think’ before she asks me to do something, ask herself if it is an emergency or it can wait. And if it can wait, and it is in my mandate then she does not need to inform, advice, direct or remind me to do it, procrastination notwithstanding.

She goes: For a young lady, you do not need to speak to me like I am a child

Self: For a mature woman, you do not need to behave like one

Impasse: Staring game: Let’s see who backs down first: defiant look on face: completely indifferent to the outcome

Few minutes later

Self: Are we agreed here?

BL: Yes, we are


I do not normally ‘get into it’ with anyone – I just can’t be asked to ‘fight’ with people. Anyone who knows me know that you push, I get out of the way and you fall on your behind – or like some people are wont to say: I ignore and dismiss people.

But of late, and after a conversation I had with some human whose mental faculties have more knots and strings than mine, I realised that I give people too much leeway to take advantage of my good nature – and because I am soft (in all the right places), I come across as either timid or complacent in arguments- or the lack thereof.

So, even though I have been told a million and one times that I can’t be a B**** because my first instinct is to be ‘nice’ – well, to hell with it – I will take no prisoners from now on (sob – easier said that done). This nice by default human is getting metamorphosed.

And, and, and ….

For anyone who might think that I do ….

I do not

Give a f*, that is.

I am just too polite to say it.

THERE, I said it.

And the world still turns, and nobody has died.

Psst: YOU really are a bad influence (although I am still giggling like a mad person over what transpired yesternite - I can has no sleep?

.. and this ↑ .. is all on you - you know whose door I am knocking on when I haven't got a job anymore - or even if I have one, Kent (sing: It's not eeeeeaaaasssssyyyy, to be me)


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