Thursday, August 21, 2008


First things first: Cutified is 8 months old today - yaaaay!
And you know that comes with all sorts off .. well, stuff.

Bitings/sucky kissing/'practicing of teeth' LOL
Everything taller than him being a 'prop'
Crawling/scooting all over the place
Dragging along everything
Eating of phone and other apparatus
Correct [mis]use of phone and remote controls
Opening of drawers and all other things
Slipping out of bed/car seat/sofa/lap with no regard to how far down the ground is
Noise making - even in Church
... the list is endless

But, I don't think I would ever love him any more than I already do if there were space for it - which there ain't. I hear that restraining order is awaiting a signature.

Onto other things:

I was at work yesterday doing what work does. Then I started to smell something funny, and I am thinking: 'Are maintenance spraying some sort of air freshener/disinfectant etc through the A/C while we are here - can they not wait?' And knowing that I have had the seasonal allergies all out in force I was not amused. Then the smell grew stronger and I turned to a colleague - who gave me this really amused look and went: 'It is a skunk spraying its stuff outside'. You what?
After that moment everything went downhill, fast. You couldn't go outside cos, well, it was coming from there. With watery eyes due to both laughing myself hoarse and the smell tearing my eyes, the rest of the remaining hour and a half was spent in equal measures of Laugh out loud incredulity and nose holdingingly hilarious disbelief. I get home and recount the story to my sister, who joined me in laughter till we woke the baby. Apparently skunkfarts are a common occurrence here. I am not sure what to make of that. Oh dear!

Speaking of laughter, this morning while we were getting ready to go to work, we found there was no water. Yep, the people that dig up roads that have nothing wrong with them for the best part of a year now had decided that at that part of the morning, we did not need to wash our selves or others or cook, clean or otherwise. So, seeing as sometimes it is a good idea to skip work for all sorts of reasons big and small - we sat down to have breakfast and chat. Apropos of nothing, I caught something on CNN, a phrase: ... think outside the box. Now, you and I know what that means, and if you do not know, then you do really need to think outside the box, but do people really need to overuse it until it loses the 'meaning' meaning? So I turn to my sister and go: "That phrase drives me crazy, especially when the user thinks they are so smart and smug. They should find the person who coined it, put him in a box, preferably on a ratio of 1:2, seal it airtight, and ask him to think outside the box". That got a good amount of gigglement out of the two of us. But before that could subside, I then shook my head and went: 'What about the one where people tell you to push the envelope, what do you think?'. I think the Weetabix of the morning must have gone down the wrong way, cos internal combustion is all I got for an answer. They should be pushed out of a ... ah, I gave up. Needless to say, flow (of water and coherency) was restored not many moments later, and seeing as between the two of us timekeeping is a foreign concept, we had to race each other to see who got into work late. Neither of us did - but I do not remember having a 3.5minute shower before.


My silence
Ain't acquiescence
Just absence
Of your sense

Monday, August 18, 2008

One Fagless Year Later

This time last year, I quit smoking. Cold Turkey.
After two years, I just tried to smoke one day and couldn't inhale so I threw the pack (which was full) and the lighter away. I still can never tell why I started in the first place - bad influence I suppose - or why I stopped. But I am glad I did.

Do I miss it? Sometimes I wish I still smoked - sometimes I see someone smoking and wish I still did, but I have never so far as tried to buy or borrow (or steal) a cigarette so I suppose that is a good thing. The Gorgeous One smokes - not often, like one a day - and not a full one, either - and I go outside with him to smoke it, but I have never been tempted to take one for myself. I suppose its because I was never a smoker to begin with - just a faker LOL.

When we first started going out, he told me that it would be healthy for me if I smoked once in a while - I didnt get the logic behind it or where he got the information - but that if you once smoked, you should do it like that instead of cold turkey. Me, no way - I know how it would feel, that first hit that makes things hazy, makes you feel lightheaded and sick - and you know you gotta smoke two so you can cancel that sickening feeling? I used to not smoke for like two days - and then I would find a reason to smoke - and I never looked forward to that first hit, and I know that I would never just smoke one fag a day or something - once I get used to the taste and smell I would lapse back. This I am afraid is it for me.

I do not mind that he smokes - it doesn't bother me, although when we started dating he said he would stop if it bothered me. But then I used the logic that when I used to smoke, hiM over there didn't like it one bit - and always complained and asked me to quit - and so did a few other people - but I never paid him any mind, and continued. This is my apology to you - I know it bothered you and I suppose that was that selfish part of me that did not consider how you felt.
I can imagine kissing a smoker - I do it now, but in your case it mustn't have been all that pleasant. *chuckling a little*

As for the Gorgeous One, he has promised to quit - and since he is out of state for a while, I don't know if he already has - will remember to ask. But he is very determined in everything he does so I am sure this one will be a success too.

In the meantime, I do not even care if he smokes a pack a day - I just want him to come home cos I miss his Gorgeous self like mad. Singing to me over the phone in that extra-sexy voice will have to suffice, but it is making things harder.